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I've started my career as a freelance photoreporter in 2005.

Back then, at 17 years old, I made a journey of 5000kms visiting almost all the tibetan refugees camps in India and Nepal until Lhassa the "capital" of Tibet. A year later, this work became a book called SOS Tibet and has been prefaced by Claude B. Levenson the official Dalai Lama's biographer.

Few month after, I went back to Kathmandu to cover the end of the Nepali civil's war for NewsFront a local newspaper.

Strengthened by those two experiences I continued my work in Palestine, USA and Mexico City.

Back to France I started to use the video cameras to tell stories in a different way. Then I got hired at the Rocher de Palmer where I was in charge of all the photo and video production. During 5 years I've shot undreds of live music gigs, and did so many interviews or portraits of various international artists.

But passionate about fiction stories I decided to left my job and to go back to the "Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière" in Paris to consolidate my knowledge about the work of Director of Photography.

Today I mostly work on independant film projects and music videos as a director or director of photography.